flight errorIt can be one of everyone’s biggest fears.  This is referring to a fear of being on an airplane.  That airplane that is flying over a large body of water, such as the ocean, and something goes wrong with the airplane that you are flying on.  For this same reason there are a lot of people that will just choose to not fly when they want to go on a vacation, or they will just choose to not travel at all because they fear that something will happen with the airplane.

If you take a moment to remember the tragedy of September, 9th, 2011, you will begin to question about whether or not you will want to fly on an airplane ever again when it comes time that you and your family are wanting to take a vacation.  There are always fears of something bad happening.  This is something that you should put aside as with the current economy there are more extensive training that occurs in order to prevent things like engine failure or security to prevent any terrorism from occurring.

Through their flight airline training program the pilots and all of the other crew members that will be present on the airplane are trained on how to handle every situation that could arise on an airplane.  They will then be properly trained on what the steps should be that they should begin to take when there is a tragedy that is at their hands.  As much as people think, a problem that occurs as a result of an engine failure is very uncommon.  The chances of this happening is little to none.  However, it is still very important that all of the pilots are properly trained through the flight airline training program in order to have knowledge about what to do when they are faced with that challenge.

One thing that pilots should try to avoid in order to prevent any future engine failure is to not fly their airplanes in a ferry flying mode.  If you are switching the aircraft that you are flying to a ferry mode, this means that you are switching to operate the airline in through the ferry tank of the airplane, then you will be at a higher risk of obtaining a problem with the engine.

The key that you should be aware of that will allow you to not lose the power that is going to your engine is to keep the airline in the left or right wing tank for the fuel source.  This will allow your airline to maintain the correct amount of power that is needed to keep everything functionally running.  You do not want to switch the source for your fuel tank while the aircraft is up in the air.  The flight airline training program that is offered at the Flight Training International Company will go into further detail about what you will want to do in order to prevent the aircraft from completely losing power to its engine.

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No one likes to feel bad. We all do whatever we can to make sure that we are feeling our best or at least in our best self we would do that. There is a reason why there are so many prescription medications out there. There is a pill for whatever you might need. You know the saying, “There is an app for that!” Well, there is a pill for that! And, interestingly enough pharmacovigilance appand ironically there is also an app for that pill too. Well there is one app for all the pills. An app that helps you track the side effects of your prescription medication, let the FDA know if there is something painfully wrong with what the Western med world is putting out there. You don’t want someone to feel poorly because of the medication that they are taking. So imagine that you just started to take a medication that someone else is able to determine isn’t great for the community, then you will be able to stop taking it before you make yourself sick. You will also be able to determine perhaps what you should do in conjunction with taking your medicine so you can be sure to not take something with it that will make you feel ill. With MedWatcher, an app for medication tracking, you will be able to determine the best ways to manage your prescription beyond your personal care physician.

Our health is something to be taken seriously, obviously. It affects every aspect of our day. When we aren’t able to communicate about what is making us feel icky to other people it can feel really isolating. MedWatcher is a pharmacovigilance app that will help you feel connected with the broader community and will help you feel safer about the prescription medications that you take. It is a really powerful tool and if you are taking a prescription medication of any kind, then I suggest that you try out MedWatcher to help ensure your own safety and the safety of others as well

Once again no on likes to feel bad and experiencing side effects from medication can be a really troublesome experience. That is why connecting with others and communicating what is needed in terms of your medicine can make everyone feel so much safer and more confident about the pills they need to take for their health. There are those who don’t have the option to not take certain medications but if we tighten this community then we will better be able to know what we can expect from a medication that we know we need to take. With this new app for drug tracking we really are able to harness this community in a way that empowers individuals and communities to be the healthiest they can be. It also helps hold up the standard of integrity for pharmaceutical companies which can be a really important piece to this puzzle. So help yourself and others feel well and download MedWatcher.


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  1. Water damage. Perhaps the most common enemy to floors of all types; water damage is a problem in every state across the country, no matter how much rain you get. It is not just floods that cause water damage to a home’s floors and other surfaces; it is also the all too common spills that occur from day to day in life. In fact, most water damage on flooring is not caused by floods but rather by spills. Wood is one of the materials which is hardest hit by water since wood absorbs water and then can begins to decay over time. If you have ever left a glass of water directly on the surface of a wood table, you have seen water damage on wood. Those water rings that cups leave behind on surfaces are not just stains but are in fact areas of the wood which have absorbed the water and will over time become weak and can even crack apart. After wood, heavy fabrics like those found on sofas and bedding, are also prime targets for water damage. Since there is so much material inside a heavy fabric, the water really gets inside of the material and even when the areas feels dry, it might still be harboring water inside which can cause the material to rot over time. If you have a covering that you can remove, the best thing for it is to let it hang for a day in the hot sun, if this is not possible, take it to a laundry place and have it treated with a chemical dry cleaning.
  2. Red wine. The popularity of the drink probably has something to do with the fact that more carpet cleaning services are called every year to treat wine stains than any other type of stain. Red wine is so harsh on fabrics because the stain it produces sets in so fast and is so hard to get up. Wine can ruin an entire rug if it is not treated right away and there are cases when even the pros are not able to get a wine stain out of carpets because the color of the shag has been permanently altered by the wine. The most important thing to do if you have a wine spill is to soak up as much of the liquid as possible as soon as it happens. After you have blotted up the majority of the wine, you should rinse the stained area lightly with warm water and nothing else. This will probably not remove the whole stain. What you will be left with is a lighter colored stain, which is then more easily treated. As soon as you have completed the initial treatment, call a rug cleaning company and ask them to come and pay you a visit as soon as possible. Even though you have already eliminated most of the stain, the amount of time before it is treated by a professional could determine if the stain can be eliminated totally or not.
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  1. Advancements in technology have made the harvesting of precious elements more effective than ever. There are unlimited areas of this country where precious natural resources are hidden beneath the earth but which we have not been able access before because we lacked the technology to do so efficiently. In the past, even in areas where there were known to be valuable resources, the risk of the cost of trying to harvest the resources was often times to high. Today, new methods are being implemented which allow for energy companies to get into areas of potential energy sources better than ever before. There was a time when the big energy companies were only able to drill down in a spot and hope that they hit the area where the valuable natural resources were hidden, if the drill missed its mark, even by only a small area, the drilling became a wasted expense. Now, the companies have begun to use technology that allows them to drill from side to side ad heightens the possibilities of finding natural resources by a considerable amount.  Due to this more advanced method of drilling, the possibilities of finding the valuable resources are much higher today and that has caused a real upswing in the number of people who have decided to start putting their resources into royalty investments.
  2. Since the market has proved to be unstable in the last decade, people are looking for investments that offer a wider variety of options for the future. Since the economy took its big fall about 8 years ago, people have been very weary of where they put their money and what the backup options are if the original investment does not work out the way they had hoped. If you buy stock in a country and the country goes under, your investment is lost and there is not second option for what move you can make after that. On the other hand, with energy investments, the land you purchase for energy investing can be converted into a hundred different things in order to allow for profits in the event that your energy investment does not work out. The property you invest in can also be rented out as a private residence or for commercial use. If you have selected an area of property that is desirable for living, you could even use the land yourself to build a home or a vacation lodge. The diversity that comes with royalty investing is another reason people have taken an increasing interest in the area.
  3. The need for natural energy is more and more constant. Energy investing is moving fast in a world where we constantly are consuming more and more natural resources to power of lives. One needs only to look at the rising cost of gasoline over the last decade to be assured that the price of energy sources like oil is only going to continue to go up and up and that means the value of energy resources like oil will also be a constant rising number, making royalty investments a good move for today and the future.


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There are some people who grow up wanting to be lawyers. There are other people who attend school for something else and then realize they want to go to law school. There are those who go to college and then travel the world or become ski bums for a few years before going to law school. There are even others who may attend a trial and decide that arguing for a cause suits them best. Then there are those like my friend Sally. law firm SEO

Sally is super smart but can come across to those who don’t know her as a little flighty. She went to school for business marketing, although did not really know what she wanted to do with her career post-graduation. She figured marketing suited her well because she is a dynamic person who easily makes friends with everyone she meets. She graduated and got a marketing job with a law firm. She held that job for a few years but it didn’t feel like the right fit for her. She loved it and enjoyed marketing as well as learning legal terminology along the way but wasn’t in front of people enough to suit her needs.

Then one day, she watched a movie about a girl who went to school for fashion design but got dumped by her boyfriend. The girl in the movie followed her ex-boyfriend from California to Harvard to attend law school to try and win him back. The girl in the movie did this by attending the same law school as her ex-boyfriend. It highlighted her ability to adapt and thrive within a field that she had never previously considered before. The girl in the movie graduated with flying colors. She was a successful lawyer. She was Reese Witherspoon’s role as Elle Woods in the movie Legally Blonde. She was also a bit flighty.

My friend Sally could relate to this character. She was also already working for a law firm as their SEO specialist. Although a great job and position, she decided to follow the spirit of Elle Woods from the movie and applied to law school. She got in and worked hard. Whenever she was feeling stressed or defeated, she watched the movie that inspired her new career decision. She graduated with flying colors. Sally found her niche in litigation and loved attending trials. She worked for the firm that she had previously done marketing for. The firm hired a company to design their law firm’s website and feature their attorneys and cases on separate pages.

Sally was the first attorney featured on her own page. She had lists of all her trials and cases to show her success. She was especially successful in front of a jury as she knew how to talk to the jury and how to relate to each and every juror, whether through a story or simply a smile. Although always a savvy and well-spoken woman, she still accredited her success and drive to the movie that sparked her interested in becoming a lawyer. She was grateful for Reese Witherspoon’s character, Elle Woods, and the motivation and drive that made Sally’s career what it is today.

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The allure of the kitchen has certainly made a comeback in recent years. Whether it is because the goal of many millennials to become self sustaining in terms of food production or simply because kitchen technology has improved, moving towards a brave new world in kitchen appliances and tools is becoming increasingly important to many people when selecting a new home or deciding on which area of an existing home to remodel. This is understandable as the kitchen is one of the most important parts of the home. In the earliest days of humankind, the hearth of the home was a gathering place. It was where people kept warm and where they gathered together to eat and share stories. This has long since been a big part of the way we live as a culture, and making the best choices in terms of kitchen remodeling can have a big impact on the way that your kitchen becomes- or doesn’t become- a gathering place in your home.

One way that technology is helping kitchens move into the 21st century in order to betterhttp://www.marrokal.com/ serve the goals of creating the kitchen as a community space is through new appliances and space saving functions. By creating appliances that are more functional as well as utilizing space efficiency to make kitchens more user friendly, new trends in kitchen designs make it easier to use your kitchen efficiently without losing sight of the important things: what the kitchen manages to bring together. When the right dynamics are in play- including the design of the appliances present- the kitchen is really able to shine as a space that meets people’s needs, both physical and emotional.

The appliances that are really leading the way in making this happen are the key to a powerful kitchen remodeling job. This can include appliances that are built into the walls and structure of the kitchen as well as additional countertop appliances. For example, building your coffee station into the wall of your kitchen like a microwave oven often is is a great way to save counter space while also adding to the futuristic and minimalist look that has become so popular. Indeed, a new twist on retro styles is also a great way to make your kitchen really pop. Retro kitchen appliances that come in bright colors like orange, cobalt blue, and yellow can really add something to the way your kitchen looks. Incorporating these bright bursts into your kitchen design plan is a great way to bring your kitchen up to speed in style, or design your kitchen with a darker look and add the counter top appliances to contrast! Computerized appliances are also giving homes the Jetson-feel when remodeling happens. Whether it is a smart machine, a multifunctional appliance, or an interactive gadget of another kind, getting your design team to work with computerized appliances is a powerful way to give your home a makeover that will also make your life easier! Keep in the end goal, no matter what design trend you decide will work best for your kitchen remodeling job.


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Hardwood flooring makes any home feel rejuvenated , not to mention it increases the value of the property! This project has been classified as advanced by some, but mostly because you have to get it right the first time, otherwise you have to backtrack the whole floor to fix a spot that doesn’t line up. So, Mr. Fix-it, are you ready to get started?

Before you being the hardwood floor installation, you need to prepare the subfloor. There are many helpful videos, like this one, that will help you get the subfloor prepared for your hardwood flooring installation.

Materials you will need include the actual hardwood planks themselves, matching molding for the edges, wood putty, pneumatic flooring nailer which you can rent from Home Depot or Lowes if you do not own one, drill and drill bits, hammer and nails, circular saw, pry bar, spacers, pencil, tape measure, dead blow hammer and nylon tapping block, and a utility knife. You will also want to have safety goggles, a dust mask and knee pads. Trust me on the knee pads, you will spend 98% of the time installing a floor kneeling on the floor.

Bring the wood planks into the room so that they can adjust to the temperature and humidity levels in that room. Let them adapt for about 72 hours, this will prevent the wood from warping once you’ve nailed it down. Discard any warped materials, they are useless. Prior to bringing those planks in, the sub floor should be prepped with the carpet and baseboards removed, the floor leveled, and underlament installed. You will want to mark your guidelines by running string from one end of the room to the other so you can make sure along the way that your installation is straight.

Place your first piece (ideally the straightest piece you have) along the guideline and put spacers between the plank and the wall. The first piece will need to be nailed down and it is important that it be straight because it will set the pace for the whole room. No pressure. Pre-drill holes for the nails in these boards so you don’t split the boards. Hammer nails into the drilled holes that you made about every 6 inches along the plank. Use a tool to hammer the nail below the wood surface and fill those holes in with wood filler or putty later.

Lay the second row so that tongue of the first piece fits into the second piece, and use the tapping block to ensure that they are thoroughly connected. Make sure that the end of the second piece is at least six inches away from the end of the first piece. This will set the staggering for the remainder of the project. Nail the second piece in the same way you did the first – you can go back and putty everything at the end so don’t worry about filling it in as you go. Once you have installed 2-4 rows you should be able to use the blind nailer which will speed up the process.

Make sure to use pieces from different boxes so you don’t end up with clusters of similar colors or wood grains. Once you have covered your area, install the transitions (the piece that segways from one room to the next). Remove the spacers from the walls and install the baseboards and shoe molding.

If you are not confident about embarking on this project on your own, do more research or call in a professional for help. 


If you are known to have a weakened immune system, there are ways that you can help your body so that you do not suffer severe complications with the seasonal flu virus.  The problem is that once you catch that virus it will be a very hard challenge to fight it off.  There will always be a risk for catching a flu virus, whether it is the seasonal flu or the pandemic flu.  People always think that being healthy will eliminate your risks from catching the flu virus.  It is exactly true that a healthy body and immune system will help keep you away from many serious diseases or viruses.  However, a flu virus is something like no other.  You can catch a flu virus even if you have a very healthy body and immune system.

The current numbers are showing the number of cases of the flu virus are on the flu maps and virus maps in the United States.  Currently there are on average for a death toll of those individuals who have passed away due to the pandemic flu are determined to be high.  The reason for this is because one of the previous pandemic flu outbreaks in the United Sates according to the virus surveillance maps, were about 700,000 deaths.  This number is very high which provides you with a good perspective of how serious of an illness this can be for your community.

Based on the outlook on the virus maps for the seasonal flu, the risk is not nearly as high as the pandemic flu.  Granted, the seasonal flu happens every year so some people may look at it and think in the end it adds up to being almost just as bad as the pandemic flu because you can get it once a year.  The seasonal flu has caused anywhere from 4,000 to about 59,000 deaths each season.  These numbers are based on the death toll in the United Sates that were prevalent on the virus map.

The flu virus surveillance map has shown that there a lot of risks for any type of flu virus.  This goes for any illness as well.  There are always risks when it comes to a virus or an illness because no one wants to be exposed to them.  One exposure to a virus or disease could be all that it would take for you to catch the sickness.  If you do happen to become exposed to any of the two different types of flu then you should be aware of what the symptoms are so that you can appropriately treat yourself.

A seasonal flu symptom may be things such as a high fever, muscle discomfort or any of the common cold symptoms.  This is what can get confusing because you may think that you have a common cold but in reality you have something that is much more serious.  If you are ever exposed to a pandemic flu virus then you will be much sicker than you would be with just a case of the seasonal flu virus.

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  1. Incorporate some kind of snack or beverage into your presentation. For many small companies that are working big events, giving free food to huge number of people all the time is not financially possible; however you could offer free snacks or drink to people every 30 minutes with each presentation that you give. If you are going to an outdoor event center, firing up the grill will be the perfect thing to win you attention from passing clients and to get your product noticed as people linger around, waiting for the food to come off the grill. If your even is going to take place in an indoor  trade center then you can have premade sandwiches placed out on trays for the passing people along with invitations for a brief demonstration of products or services. Even if you are not planning to offer food at your event booth, you should still always keep some beverages around that you can offer to clients as they stop by to have a look at what you are offering. Having something to eat or drink in your area will make your clients feel like real VIP visitors.
  2. Hire promoters to go out into the crowd and spread the word about your booth. Having promoters help people to hear about your company at an event center trade show is more affordable than you think. There are two types of promoters; models, which we have all seen at the event centers when car or sports companies are exhibiting their latest, and formal promoters, who are formally dressed men and women who are trained in attracting people to an area by offering flyers and talking about what products their company offers. Naturally, hiring models to work your event can be pretty pricey, but having a young business student who is trying to make a few extra bucks for school come out, can be as cheap as 50 dollars a day and you’ll get results. The key to success through promoters at an event is that they go out and visit parts of the event center where people might be more or less in place. The promoters bring in business from all over the center by creating a sort of web to attract different folks.
  3. Last but certainly not least is though an intelligent and eye catching trade show display. Having a design that makes your booth stand out from all the ones around it is essential to your success at a large trade show. Bright colors, lights and smart, provocative designs and graphics are a few of the ways that booth design brings in potential buyers to your area. Generally, when you rent a booth you are in a row of a dozen or more booths of the exact same size and it is up to you after that to make your booth special amongst all the rest. igegroup.com specializes in helping companies design a great looking booth for events. IGE group has a lot of history making event center booths special and they can do it for you.
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Pediatric dentists have additional training that other family dentists do not, and this makes them a bit more qualified to manage your child’s young teeth. They take several years of extra, specialized, training after dental school to be certified as a pediatric dentist. So with this extra training, wouldn’t you rather take your little one to a pediatric dentist rather than your regular family dentist?  When children have the chance to get to know their dentists over time this brings about several benefits.  Firstly, your child will be happier about going to annual and 6-month visits when he or she is familiar with the dental practice. Another great benefit to establishing a relationship between your child and their pediatric dentist early is that the dentist will know the child’s dental history thoroughly. This in-depth knowledge of dental history will lead to better informed decisions on future care and decisions.

If you’re looking for a great pediatric dentistry practice for your new child, or even for your children that are in their early and late teenage years, you don’t have to look much further than Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry. Their dentists and staff are well-versed in the art of making children comfortable during their dental checkups. Their offices are specially designed for little ones, with lowered sinks and chairs and playful decor. At this practice pediatric dentistyou won’t have to worry about arguing with your child about going to their appointment. They won’t be afraid of the staff of the instruments because the atmosphere is comforting and familiar. And when your child is happy about going to the dentist they will be happy about maintaining the dental health habits that the dentist recommends. Flossing, brushing, and rinsing won’t seem like such a chore. The specialists at Southmoor also make it their mission to stay current on the latest practices and research-driven advances in pediatric dentistry. You can be guaranteed that your child will receive the best care possible at their facilities. They also make it their mission to develop a trusting and lasting relationship with you and your family. Parents’ questions and concerns are always welcomed to keep you as informed as possible about your child’s dental health. Parents are also free to watch them dentists and staff care for their child.

For your older children in their late teenage years, Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry is still a great choice because teenage mouths are still evolving into early adult mouths. Pediatric dentists are fully qualified, and usually better qualified, to care for your teenager’s teeth and gums. They can recommend orthodontic care if they think it is necessary. There is always a dentist on call at Southmoor to help with those after-hours emergencies like a chipped tooth that resulted from a heated football game.  Teenagers are especially active and pediatric dentists are the best source for keeping their teeth and gums safe, healthy, and in tact. So if you were wondering what the difference was between family and pediatric dentistry practices, you can now say that it is a lot.